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As protests against stay-at-home orders due to novel coronavirus break out around the country, Students for Trump, one of the main political groups backing President ''s reelection, is calling on its young members to join the efforts.


During a virtual convention on Friday for Students for Trump, the college campus arm of Turning Point USA, the group''s founder Charlie Kirk urged members to launch a "peaceful rebellion against governors" in states like Michigan and Wisconsin.

在周五為“美國轉折點”組織大學校園分支“特朗普的學生”舉行的一次虛擬大會上,該組織的創始人查理柯克(Charlie Kirk)敦促成員在密歇根州和威斯康星州等州發起一場“針對州長的和平叛亂”。

Kirk, speaking to over 500 members of the conservative nonprofit organization geared at activating college students to reelect the president who tuned in to the event, derided governors like Michigan''s Gretchen Whitmer for encroaching on their rights and urged them to join the protests around the country. The event was hosted on Zoom.

柯克對保守派的非營利組織500多名成員發表講話,這些非營利組織的宗旨是讓大學生選舉特朗普連任總統??驴顺靶γ苄莸母窭浊佟せ萏啬℅retchen Whitmer)等州長侵犯了他們的權利,并敦促他們加入全國各地的抗議活動。該大會在Zoom軟件上舉行。

It''s not immediately clear if any protests have been organized due to Kirk''s comments.


Students for Trump serves a crucial role in the president''s youth vote effort, especially given the Trump campaign has not introduced its own student-focused coalition.


Two Trump campaign advisers, Lara Trump, the president''s daughter-in-law, and John Pence, the vice president''s nephew, appeared at the virtual convention following Kirk''s comments.


After first claiming to have "total" regarding reopening their states, the president said on Tuesday he''d be "authorizing each individual governor of each individual state to implement a reopening, and a very powerful reopening plan of their state at a time and in a manner as most appropriate."


Trump seemingly encouraged protesters in a string of tweets on Friday.


The president took to Twitter in support of Michiganders, Minnesotans and Virginians protesting against restrictions, saying in separate all-caps tweets: "LIBERATE MICHIGAN!"; "LIBERATE MINNESOTA!"; and "LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!"


Trump was asked about whether a protest in Wisconsin organized by White House economic adviser Stephen Moore is in opposition to his own guidance.

特朗普被問及,白宮經濟顧問斯蒂芬摩爾(Stephen Moore)在威斯康星州組織的抗議活動是否與他自己的指導意見相抵觸。

The president responded by saying there''s "a lot of injustice," specifically going on to reference Virginia, where he said "they want to take your guns away," though he didn''t explain how that was connected to coronavirus.


Others, including some flashing signs supporting the president, gathered at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan.


Before calling on young Student for Trump members to protest amid the coronavirus pandemic, Kirk in late March calling coronavirus "deadly serious" and urging "Millennials and Gen Z" to "keep yourselves and others safe."


"To college students, and all my fellow 20 somethings: Do better. Show some regard for the communities you call home. Consider the lives of those around you, those who raised you and love you. Their well-being may depend on the decisions you make today," Kirk wrote.